Our Experience:


Additional Services:

  We're professional window washers with almost two decades combined experience in residential and commercial window cleaning. We've worked with all brands of window and nearly every style home.   We also clean gutters, powered pressure-washing, perform some window replacement and reglazing, and in the winter we'll do roof-top snow removal. If there's something else you'd like done, feel free to ask.  




  We're fully equipped with OSHA Certified Ladders and ladder accessories. We don't take risks and are insured, so you can be confident that we won't harm people or cause damage while working on your property.  

Windows are disassembled as necessary and all surfaces are scrubbed with water/soap applicator, squeegeed clean and edges/corners wiped with towel. Sills are wiped with a damp towel and the screens washed as necessary. The windows are then reassembled as necessary.

You'll find that our presence in your home is as unobtrusive and pleasant as it can be. We don't play loud stereos, we don't make a mess in your yard, we don't sit on your furniture, and we respect your privacy. Anything we have to move will be put back as soon as we're done and we don't set our buckets directly on your fine carpeting. If we have to place anything on your carpet, we always protect it with one of our own dry towels.

Cleaning Solution:

  We use a specially prepared, environmentally friendly cleaning solution when washing the windows in your home. It's biodegradable and safe for plants, animals, and won't stain your woodwork. When working on your retail business or construction site, we use a soft commercially available soap that is also biodegradable.



Stains and Stuck Windows:

  We schedule residential window washing appointments from the end of March until the beginning of December. We can work in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit but not much lower because our cleaning solution freezes below that. For Commercial cleaning, we can work year-round in temperatures as low as zero degreees Fahrenheit. Below freezing we add methanol to the water to keep the cleaning solution liquid.   Lime or Calcium stained windows will be washed, but stains may persist. Removal of concrete, stickers, glue, and other substances is possible, but will be discussed with homeowner and additional charges approved in advance. Windows stuck or painted shut may not be able to be serviced We will use all reasonable means to wash every window.  

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